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Coaching for children & teens

Our coaching approach is a  gentle and practical approach to help children and teens and who need help with managing their moods, anxiety, anger or stress. We build resilience,  self-esteem and identity.  We help develop  character, help to regulate and build relationships and calming skills, and help to learn gratitude, great attitude, and more.   

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Children Explain Mindfulness


I am a parent of two grown young men who had development issues, and as a trained and experienced Early Years Teacher and Specialist English Tutor.  I have recently completed a Child Psychologist Diploma to improve my knowledge and skills.  I have two sons who struggled as children and youth, because of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Asperger's syndrome, which inspired me to gain knowledge and skills in this area.  I have worked with and tutored many children, including children and youth with additional needs, and disadvantaged or struggling children or teenagers, for many years.


To enable children and youth, I draw on my past experiences and training.  My aim is to help and coach children, tweens, and teens through their emotional struggles with a gentle and fun approach, using Mindfulness and NLP coaching tools.  They will benefit from being able to express themselves freely and in different forms; they will start to really believe in themselves, grow in confidence, courage, and character.

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How I Can Help


 I use a GENTLE and PRACTICAL  approach,
including mindfulness and NLP

I would customise my approach to each child or teen, and  encourage them to write journals, draw or paint their feelings, say affirmations, make dream/goal boards, investigate, have discussions,  overcoming failure, build confidence in themselves, by having a flexible mindset.  There  and other practical things we  can do that will help them to express how they feel, and how they can develop resilience, resolve their problems, develop a growth mindset and sense of gratitude and more.  Your children will grow in confidence, courage and character.

This is what one parent said:
"Ruth was just the kind of coach I was looking for. I wanted a Bible-believing Christian who could affirm my faith. I also really needed someone who understands the "different" that Asperger's/Autism adds to a child's personality... and brings to a mother's life. Ruth also gave me ideas that helped with my other son's anger."

A grieving and angry teenager, said a big thank you
for the help she received, and the level of confidence 
she gained through the process of coaching.

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