Work-Life Balance

Is your life in balance, or do you

constantly feel stressed and tired?

Do you feel guilty because you  haven't had enough time to spend with your family and friends?

Are you feeling anxious and snappy?

Can you relax and wind down?

How I Can Help You


I've designed this work-life coaching package to alleviate the stress that many working people are under.  I  use  some well known coaching and NLP tools that really work,  e.g. the wheel of your life,  finding your work–life balance, how to manage your time,  how to manage your stress, and  setting your own priorities and goals.

Sessions also include making important decisions, clarifying situations and making adjustments,  conflict resolutions,  and anything you bring to the table, including  your personal growth.​  The benefits  are a new outlook on life and way of managing your life with less stress.

What you would learn 

From watching this free video ...

What Client's Say

   "My time spent with Ruth has helped changed  my outlook on dealing with difficult situations and myself.  Ruth is understanding and not  judgmental, so I was comfortable enough to  open up and work through my issues with the  help given by her.  She gave me guidance and  coping strategies that not only benefited  myself, but also my children.  


     I'm very thankful that my home life is more  peaceful, thanks to Ruth and would highly recommend her!" 

     (Hayley, 2020)

   It's like a jigsaw puzzle (my life) it now makes sense to me.  

It's taken the pressure off - I now understand where things stem

from and why.  I feel calm."

   (Helen, 2020,  UK)

   There is nothing (in the way or hindering my progress), as long as I put my mind to it!"   


   (Mary, 2020)

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